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Start game as usual, open up the console with [~] key and enter the command below (CaSe SeNsItIvE): sam_iEnableCheats=1 Once enabled, close the console (press [~] again) and bring up the mainmenu by pressing the [Esc] key - now you can enable the...
По време на игра натиснете "ENTER" и напишете някой от кодовете, след това отново натиснете "ENTER". ВАЖНО: Кодовете важът само за Singleplayer !!!  ...
BaseStarsPrimative - Fast build CadEasyGoin - Lose the current game CMethodFeedback - Win current game DZMHairSpring - 5000 Custom Resources EyeOfSauron - View any cinematic [Must be used from outside of a mission (in the Hyperion,...


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